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Jojoba Oil Shortage

When you base your products on quality plant sources, like AVEDA, you also realize that your supply of ingredients can be affected by weather. Just as food supplies and prices are affected by weather, so are essential oils and other plant ingredients.

Organic jojoba oil is a staple in many of our AVEDA products. Colorless and odorless, jojoba is the oil most like the skin?s own natural oil, it is also a natural fungicide and is extremely shelf-stable so it does not oxidize and go rancid
like most other vegetable oils.

Jojoba is grown in warm, arid regions that provide the necessary conditions for healthy crop production. Over the past year, the quality and quantity of jojoba has been negatively affected by frost in both North and South America. Crops have been so severely damaged that supplies have been reduced by nearly two-thirds.

As a result of the damage, AVEDA fears that the jojoba shortage may continue through 2012 and possibly longer.

This has caused us some temporary problems getting a few of our favorite AVEDA products in for you. However, AVEDA has been actively seeking out alternative sources for jojoba as well as working to find long-term formulation solutions to the current production challenge should the growing condition fail to improve.

What jojoba resources AVEDA has are being redirected to products that require small amounts of the oil while products that use a large percentage of the oil are being reformulated with more readily available oils that provide equal or better product performance.

If a product you love has been affected by this shortage, we would love to assist you in finding an appropriate substitute to use while this issue is resolved.
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