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What's Your Elemental Nature?
infinity air fire water earth
Skin Type
Normal to Dry



Oily/Acne prone

Normal to Oily
Occasionally dull, sometimes burns

Sallow, matte, burns easily

Red undertones, noticeable capillaries, always burns

Overall shininess, rarely burns

Occasionally shiny, burns after long exposure
Some dryness, thin skin, small pores, several fine lines

Dry, thin skin, fine lines, invisible pores

Delicate, soft/smooth skin, prone to early wrinkles

Soft skin, some puffiness/water retention, large pores, few lines

Smooth, thick skin, medium pores, few lines
Spot dryness/ lack of moisture

Flaky, rough

Prone to irritation, rash/itch or breakouts

Excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, acne

Oily in T-zone, spot blemishes
infinity air fire water earth
Body Temperature
Tends to feel comfortable

Tends to feel cold

Tends to feel warm or hot

Tends to feel cool

Tends to feel moderate
Hair & Scalp
Thin, dull, split ends, normal to dry scalp

Fine hair, dry scalp or dandruff

Fine hair, prematurely grey, sensitive scalp

Lustrous, oily

Thick, heavy, somewhat oily
Energy Level
Tends to be high

Sporadic, tends toward extremes

Consistent, steady, strong

Slow but consistent

Tends to be low
Stress Response
I get nervous

I become anxious and start to worry

I get irritable or impatient

I get emotional

I withdraw -- just leave me alone
Sleep Pattern
Light, awakens easily

Tend to have frequent insomnia

Solid sleeper, can function well on less than six hours of sleep

Tend to sleep deeply/heavily

Tends to sleep deeply/heavily, needs more than eight hours sleep
Thought Process
Thinks quickly and often

Learns new information quickly but forgets things easily

Focuses well and has a sharp intellect

Learns new information slowly

Has a great long-term memory
infinity air fire water earth
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