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Your skin is actually the largest organ of your body, vital to many body functions including respiration, immune response, and the elimination of toxins. Unlike your heart or liver which are protected inside your body, the skin is exposed and vulnerable to damage and dehydration. Although your face and hands are the most exposed area of your skin, the rest of your body needs attention, too.

Our organic, herbal facials and body therapies are designed to improve the health and functioning of the skin. The chemistry we utilize is absolute cutting-edge science, yet our treatments are based on Ayurvedic medical practices proven effective for over 4,000 years. The balancing and detoxifying properties of these treatments benefit the entire body.

Using the Ayurvedic principle that every human is a unique & individual balance of the five elements -- air, fire, earth, water & infinity -- enables us to customize every treatment we provide to your personal needs and preferences.

Our Waterfall Room enables us to perform full-body treatments with masques and scrubs from head to toe, then we rinse you clean with our Vichy Shower or Scots Hose. The Vichy Shower is a beautiful experience-- truly like lying under a warm waterfall. Your comfort is always our primary goal and we will consult with you to be sure we understand your expectations. You will be asked to disrobe for most services, but are always kept modestly draped, even in the Waterfall Room.
Discover Your Unique Elemental Nature